SSCF - Karaoke Fundraiser event

That was a very important and amazing day. We were able to raise enough money to pay for the treatments of five cancer patients. Our original goal was to raise enough money for the treatment of four patients, but we ended raising enough money to treat five people with different kinds of cancer. We needed to raise $17,472 to help 4 people and we exceeded that limit and that’s something to remember.

So much planning went into the event and I'm so happy it turned out well. The SSCF Youth Team started planning and thinking of ideas on what to do months ahead of the event. We had people step up to make bookmarks, vases, and picture frames to sell. A bunch of people even made fruit cakes and Red Velvet Cupcakes for people attending, along with a raffle for an Amazon Echo Dot which raised a lot of money. For the Youth events, we decided to do a Talent Show and a Youth Panel. All the performances in the talent show were beautiful and everyone had a will to help. In the Youth Panel, everyone could express their thoughts on the cause, why they’re volunteering, treatment costs, what goes through a cancer patient’s head, and our experiences. Most of the Youth Team members have visited the SSCF Hospital just like me and they’re all very motivated to help in any way they can.

The Karaoke Event was fun for everyone who attended and everyone left with a smile, from either helping out, or just having fun. The experience of working as part of the SSCF Youth Team is truly inspiring because of what we can accomplish together. It inspired me to try helping out other causes because with the help of other people, we can make a big difference.

Thank you to everyone who attended the event, people who bought handmade crafts, people who donated, talent show performers, singers and volunteers.