The SSCF Circle of Strength Club – The Youth team!

At Shri Shankara Cancer foundation , We believe that the joy of giving back grows exponentially with a team ! We have some extraordinary children that make up our youth team and we strongly believe that what they do matters! The SSCF Youth Team formed in 2017 is 25 kids and growing stronger every day!

We interact with many people who are looking to get involved but don’t know how. The idea behind the youth team was to help the youth today channel their energy into something productive and help build the empathy and compassion towards the less fortunate in them. This gives them a platform to touch other people’s lives in a way that’s otherwise not possible. Contributing in a group , helps them learn about collaboration teamwork and most of all helps build long last lasting friendships

Providing support to people touched by cancer is at the core of everything SSCF does and its the heart of our mission. The Youth Volunteers strengthen our efforts to ensure that no one faces cancer alone. By getting involved, you become an ambassador on behalf of SSCF helping make a difference in the lives of many cancer patients and their families.

Some of the activities our Youth team helps in : Outreach - Speaking about the Organization , the formation of SSCF and pursuing possible donor / volunteer to take action. Fundraising