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About Us

In 2011, Sri Shankara Cancer Foundation, USA was registered as a non-profit organization exempt from Federal income tax under the section 501(c)(3) of Internal revenue code. SSCF-USA hopes to be at the crossroad of endeavors in combating cancer by identifying challenges in providing effective cancer treatment, conceiving and implementing initiatives such as fund raising events and community activities that promote cancer awareness and educating people about cancers and its implication to the society. Overall through our combined undertakings, we strive to help all patients but specifically the underprivileged in their fight against cancer.

Apart from providing funds for chemotherapy, surgery or palliative care, the funds collected through various SSCF-USA initiatives will be used to augment the relentless work and innovations by the medical community by supporting initiatives that aid cancer research and promote cancer awareness.

Consequently Sri Shankara Cancer Hospital and Research Centre was designed to have nearly 520 beds with state-of-the-art facilities built in a compassionate environment.

Our Mission

Organize fundraising events and improve cancer awareness


Increase in cancer cases in India and high cost of treatment.

Our Vision

Provide cancer treatment to every patient irrespective of socio-economic status.


Donation Options

Cost of procedures that your donations cover

Fund General Care

  1. General Donation
  2. Fund a patient's care
  3. Sponsor an Event
  4. Free Food for ONE patient for 10 days - $50
  5. Free Food for 10 patients for 10 days - $500

Diagnostic procedure

  1. CT Scans - $80
  2. PET-CT Scans - $175
  3. Biopsy - $200

Treatment Procedures

  1. Chemotherapy - $100/round
  2. Lumpectomy - $250
  3. Mastectomy - $800
  4. Palliative-2D Radiotherapy - $450/round
  5. Curative-2D Radiotherapy - $600/upto 20 fractions
  6. Curative-2D Radiotherapy - $1000/Above 20 fractions
  7. Adopt a patient (Full treatment for one patient) - $5000

Companies Match SSCF Contributions

WORKPLACE GIVING: Several companies match their employees’ charitable contributions either at dollar-for-dollar or double or even triple the original donation in some cases. The human resource department of your company can provide more information regarding matching your contributions made to Sri Shankara Cancer Foundation.


Cancer Treatments Funded by SSCF USA


Donations Received since 2014 in USD


Total Patients sponsored since 2014


Testimonial - General

Testimonial, Chennai Patient

World Cancer day - War Against Cancer initiative



  • B.V. Jagadeesh
  • Anuradha Jagadeesh
  • Soma Shekar
  • Raghu Halur
  • Jyothi Shekar
  • Ravi Pangal
  • Vinay Bhardwaj

North East Chapter

Our mission is to raise awareness and funds in order to provide equal access and care for pediatric cancer patients in India.

Inchara Hosanagar started the SSCF-North East chapter during October 2021, now has over 16 participants across four different high schools in New Jersey. Students from Newark Academy, Ridge High School, Millburn High School and Rutgers Preparatory School participate in various events throughout the year. This group continued to raise funds throughout the year. Currently, they are working on creating awareness, however, in the future the group is planning to organize a 5K run in addition to hosting a cancer related discussion using a panel of surgical and clinical oncologists from India and USA


Author: Inchara Hosanagar

SSCF - North East Chapter - 2022 Updates

Inchara Hosanagar and Ninad Hosanagar, two high school students from the USA, founded a new chapter of a non-profit organization: the Sri Shankara Cancer Foundation (SSCF)...

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Author: Jyothi Shekar

SSCF - Annual Gala Event - 2022

SSCF USA Annual Banquet Gala on the evening of Dec 4, 2022 was a resounding success with a delightful lineup of panel discussions and music entertainment followed by generous donations!...

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Author: Varsha Rao

Role of Music in Cancer Treatment

Ever since its inception SSCF-USA has conducted many fund-raising events to support cancer treatment in India. A quick overview of these events reveals that a majority of these events are centered around music...

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Author: Jyothsna Prasad

The SSCF Circle of Strength Club – The Youth team!

At Shri Shankara Cancer foundation, We believe that the joy of giving back grows exponentially with a team! We have some extraordinary children that make up our youth team and we strongly believe that what they do matters...

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Author: Avani Gireesha

SSCF - Karaoke Fundraiser event

That was a very important and amazing day. We were able to raise enough money to pay for the treatments of five cancer patients. Our original goal was to raise enough money for the treatment of four patients...

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If you would like to enquire, get in touch, provide feedback, help fundraise or volunteer, please contact us.


223 Images Circle, Milpitas, CA 95035, USA

Phone Number

+1 650-930-6975